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Introducing Someone New

Every once in a while there comes along a person who instantly just fits into a team. Here at WebSpark we’ve been incredibly blessed to experience this unique connection more than once. We think it’s a bit like lightning striking the same place more than once.  Our most recent new team member is without a doubt a strike of lightning. He comes from a diverse background of multiple experiences in sales.

Daniel Porterfield has done amazing things in every position he has held and the things he has accomplished as a business manager and sales director are incredible. We couldn’t believe when Daniel agreed to come be a part of the WebSpark team. His years of experience and clear expertise will be a game-changer for our company and for everyone that has the opportunity to work with him.

Daniel will be assuming the role of sales director and will be the first point of contact for most of our new clients. He travels to events all over the local area and beyond so you’ll more than likely have the opportunity to meet him in person at an event near you. And don’t worry if you’re shy, Daniel is one of the most outgoing, personable, and friendly guy you’ll ever meet and in minutes you’ll find yourself talking with him as if you’ve known him your whole life.

We are thrilled to announce Daniel as our new sales director and we can’t wait for you to meet him!


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