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Know Your Audience

Many people think writing content is merely the placement of words on a page in order to create a general blog article. They hire companies or staff to sit in front of a computer and create these articles and then wonder why their site traffic never increases, their sales are stagnant, and their SEO is not improving. The answer is simple. These companies are not focused in their writing. They have failed to do their research before they started the writing process.

At WebSpark we follow a standard approach when engaging in content marketing for our clients. Below are the exact steps we take whenever we begin a project for a new client.

Step 1 – Understand the Business Why

This is always the very first place we start and the thing we absolutely must have before we continue. If a business cannot define why they are in business then there is simply no way for us to write content which markets them effectively. We like to think this is one of the best part about understanding why your business exists and we love to help. So the good news is we’re happy to assist you in this process. Once you know your reason then you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2 – Identify Your Target Market

This sounds easy. But it’s surprisingly tricky for most businesses. Too many businesses believe they are serving themselves. In that sense we mean every business is pretending they are their own ideal customer. This is most often just not true. Your target market are those customers who are different from you in a number of ways.

First, they lack your expertise (or should). Second, they lack the time to learn what you offer. And third, they lack the life experiences which have made you knowledgable of the subject. If these things hold true for your ideal customer then obviously it doesn’t make sense to target yourself. Instead you want to target your customer.

Step 3 – Plan Your Approach

Planning your approach is a great step to take before beginning to write content. If you plan your approach then you’ll know the keywords and phrases you will want to ensure you cover in your writing. Planning means understanding your target market and also how they will be performing searches when online. If you know your target market and what they are likely to be looking for then your content can be written appropriately.

This is actually doubly beneficial as it also helps you understand your market better and encourages you to listen to your customer. When you listen to their needs you’re more likely to provide the solutions that fit and more likely to see an increase in sales as a result. Your planning and diligence will make your writing better and your business better.

Step 4 – Create Appropriate Content

You’re now ready to begin crafting your content. This is the time when you figure out the topics and actual articles you wish to write. When you hire a content marketing agency (WebSpark) we’ll walk you through each of the first three steps and then by the time we reach step four we are fully prepared to write the content which will make your website stand out.

We focus on creating unique and original content which matches your target market, focuses on your keywords, and increases your business revenues through increased leads. Our content writers work closely with you to create content which is both appropriate and interesting and deliver it on a timeframe that is right for your demographic.

WebSpark Offers Precision

It’s a simple process but it takes careful thought and precise execution. The task of writing strong content should not be left to just anyone. It’s not a matter of putting words on the web. Care must be taken to craft each content item with focus and precision. We take writing content very seriously and can relate to the power of well-written content and content marketing. If you are ready to begin this easy 4 step process give us a call, or send us an email and let’s get started!

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