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The Power of Knowledge

We hear often that knowledge is power. We understand in some ethereal sense that knowledge gives opportunity and allows greater control but how does this relate to technology?

New Code

Here’s what we mean when at WebSpark when we say knowledge is power. Knowledge comes in many forms and through many experiences. We work with a variety of technologies and platforms when we create cutting edge code for our clients. We love it. What we’ve found along the way is that not every project will be built on a tool we already know. Sometimes we determine the best platform is a new one. And that means we have a lot of reading, and searching, and learning to undertake.

Time Investment

Learning new code, new frameworks, new ways of doing things takes time. But you’ll notice we call this an investment. We are investing in our future as a team. Each of our coders and developers is improving their skills and their talents. We improve ourselves. Yes it takes time and yes it can be tedious but the reward is worth it.

Before you panic and think the time is being lost at the clients expense – it’s not. That’s the best part of an amazing and capable team. We’re driven by the thirst for knowledge. We are motivated to improve ourselves and this means spending our personal time learning new things. We spend time because we believe in what we do and we believe in improving our team. Our team works hard so our clients can reap the benefits.

The Reward For Work

This time investment is worth every second of the hard time involved. Because knowledge is power. The power we refer to is not control. The power is better thought of in terms of empowerment. This knowledge, this hard-earned reward is the ability to do more in the future. We’ve taken a challenge, an opportunity to learn, and we’ve turned it into an asset.

Did you notice how we refer to the time involves as an investment? We believe very much that our time is not an expense but an investment. We’re investing in the future of our team. The hard work we put in won’t need to be done the next time.

With an amazing team growing in their knowledge and empowered by their experiences the future possibilities are endless. We’ll create better apps and we’ll create them faster. Each project we finish improves our team and improves our knowledge.

If you’d like to experience our speed, our knowledge, and our expertise in handling your project then pick up the phone and give us a call (or email if you prefer).

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